CBD purification

How does our patent protected technology work?

Below you will find a real example of our technology, applied to a natural Cannabis extract, to obtain more than 99% pure cannabidiol (CBD).

vial 1


This vial contains a natural crude extract of cannabis. This dark and sticky oil is made of a plethora of substances, among them, dozens of different cannabinoids, terpenes and chlorophylls. Depending on the variety of the plant it will be enriched in CBD, THC, CBG or other cannabinoids. The challenge is to selectively fish-out a given cannabinoid from the mixture, such as CBD, in an efficient and scalable process.


vial 2


This second vial contents a highly pure cocrystal of cannabidiol with proline. This is obtained simply by adding the right coformer -in this case proline to bind to CBD- into a solution of the former crude extract. Under the right conditions, a crystalline solid is formed and once filtered out, it yields a very pure cocrystal of CBD and proline. This cocrystal can be used as it is, or alternatively, it can be dissociated to give very high-quality CBD.

vial 3

PURIFied cannabinoid

Finally, the last step of the purification process consists in the dissociation of the cocrystal and the freeing of the pure cannabinoid in an easy step, yielding the cannabinoid in extremely high purities. The coformer can be easily recycled. This process can be repeated if extremely high purities are required. This approach is also valid for other cannabinoids present in the natural crude extract, and it can be performed at any conventional chemical manufacturing facility with affordable standard equipment.