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Enantia at the ALBA Synchrotron workshop

June 15th, 2022

Next June 17th the ALBA Synchrotron will host the workshop: “ALBA Synchrotron Applications for the Pharmaceutical Industry” to show pharmaceutical companies the applications of synchrotron light. Studies at the synchrotron are a valuable ally for the pharmaceutical sector, for example, during the design of new drugs or the characterization of active ingredients in the final formulation.

The conference is aimed at managers and members of the R&D&i team from pharmaceutical and biomedical companies who wish to know more about how a synchrotron works and its main industrial applications.

Enantia is a frequent user of the ALBA synchrotron which has allowed us to build a solid experience exploiting its high sensitivity X-ray beam lines. We leverage our expertise to, for example, detect and quantify very small percentages of crystalline forms in complex matrixes including drug formulations, to determine the absolute configuration of an API and to confirm the formation of a cocrystal or a salt. Experiments performed by Enantia at the ALBA synchrotron are also used to support IP Hatch-Waxman Act litigation strategies both by plaintiff and defendant parties in Paragraph IV trials.

During the meeting, experienced staff from companies will present case studies involving the use of the ALBA synchrotron X-ray beam lines. Joan Farran, the head of Enantia’s Solid-State Analysis department, will be talking on behalf of Enantia about real examples of X-ray diffraction analysis that allowed advances in various stages of the development of pharmaceuticals products.

The event will also include a visit to the facilities as well as a networking lunch.

Attendance is free but registration is required through this website:

The event is organised in collaboration with BIOCAT and with the support of the European project LEAPS-Innov.