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Enantia receives an Expoquimia Award for its work in co-crystallization technology to pufity cannabidiol

Enantia receives one of the Expoquimia Awards 2020 for the use of co-crystallization technology for the purification of CBD from plant extracts.

September 17th, 2021

Enantia has received one of the awards from the sixth edition of the Expoquimia Awards 2020 for Research, Development and Innovation in the field of chemistry.

This award recognizes the most innovative processes and the most sustainable products and chemical technologies. Enantia participated with its work in cannabinoids named “Co-crystals fish out cannabinoid from plant extract”, which highlights the potential of Enantia’s technology to develop efficient processes for the purification of cannabidiol (CBD) from natural sources and, in general, for the purification of high-value compounds from complex matrixes of either natural or synthetic origins. You can read more about this technology here.

We would like to thank the committee for this recognition, and congratulate the rest of the participants.


Picture: Dr. Sara Preciado (Head of IP and Innovation at Enantia) receiving the award at the Expoquimia 2021 event.