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Flow Chemistry equipment at Enantia for chemical development services like route scouting, optimization and scale-up. CMC services. Medicinal chemistry services.

Enantia is proud to announce the inclusion of continuous flow chemistry for our Process Chemistry projects and our Medicinal Chemistry services

February 12th, 2024

Enantia is proud to offer flow chemistry as part of our services in medicinal chemistry and CMC development.

Flow chemistry has been a well-established technology in the petrochemical and bulk commodity industries for decades. Surprisingly, it has not been until recent years that it has gained an increasingly important role and interest in the manufacture of complex active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). As a result of this, flow chemistry has become a powerful enabling tool, complementary to traditional batch manufacturing, for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries to develop more sustainable, safe, environmentally friendly and efficient chemical processes.

With the inclusion of flow chemistry to our portfolio of innovative technologies, we aim to provide comprehensive services in the development of routes of synthesis, process optimization and scale up of key intermediates and API manufacturing processes. This will complement and strengthen our activities in chemistry, manufacturing, and control (CMC).

The advantages of flow chemistry enable the successful performance of processes that, otherwise, would not be feasible at industrial scale in batch reactors. For example:

  • Processes requiring accurate controlled conditions
  • Processes with hazardous reagents or intermediates
  • Processes carried out under extreme conditions of temperature or pressure
  • Photocatalytic processes

In addition, flow chemistry integrates into Enantia’s medicinal chemistry platform as an additional tool to support the company’s MedChem services.

Enantia offers the flow chemistry services in partnership with Alza&Associates, a sustainable chemistry consulting company. We combine Enantia’s extensive experience in chemical R&D of drug substances with A&A’s extensive experience and deep flow chemistry knowledge to provide a unique, industry-oriented service.

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