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Joan Feixas, speaker at ‘Lessons Learned’ of CataloniaBio

February 26th, 2015

Biocat and the association of companies CataloniaBio will be hosting the conference entitled Drug Discovery: Design of new strategies to become more competitive on February 26th at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) that will bring together several experts and professionals from the field of life sciences to share their experiences and points of view relative to the process involved in the discovery of new drugs.

The workshop is part of the series Lessons Learned: Sharing experiences to foster competitiveness.

Speakers will include Oriol Nicolás, CEO of Ready Cell, Jordi Quintana, head of the Drug Discovery Platform at the PCB, Joan Feixas, CEO of Enantia, Ignasi Sahún, co-founder and CMO of ZeClinics, Eva Méndez, Drug Discovery Advisor, and Lluís Gómez, CEO of Draconis Pharma.

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