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As a result of its internal research projects, Enantia has developed and patent protected a number of innovative technologies to prepare future generics. Due to its expertise, Enantia’s objective is to improve both the synthetic aspects of the manufacturing of APIs and the final solid forms, with the idea to provide objective added value to our customers.
In some cases, our inventions will allow our customers to get to the market earlier by circumventing existing IP protection of certain final API solid forms. In others, Enantia’s chemical process will allow our customers to manufacture a final generic at lower cost.

Enantia’s strategy regarding intellectual property (IP) results in a combination of patent protection, the publication of specific information and keeping specific know-how undisclosed.

The list below contains future generics for which Enantia has available technologies to be licensed-out. Interested parties can contact our CEO Dr. Joan Feixas for more information:

This list is updated with new molecules on a regular basis.