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Enantia’s MedChem activities include:

Hit finding, Hit-to-Lead and Lead optimisation

Either in initial hit finding stage or in advanced H2L or LO stages, selected sets of small molecules are produced, either based on the clients design (custom synthesis approach) or alternatively based on Enantia’s own design, as a complementary way of generating new ideas within the project. Rational drug design approach is applied when possible, otherwise knowledge-based drug design is used.

We rapidly adapt to the continuous feedback from biological and ADMET screening, redesigning as required to improve the potency and drug-like properties of the most promising compounds, following a multi-parameter optimisation approach.

Focused libraries are synthesised using parallel synthesis and automated purification techniques, including preparative HPLC.

Routes of synthesis are designed following a convergent strategy approach to introduce the diversity point as late as possible within the synthetic sequence.

Our deliverables:

  • Analytical documentation provided for all delivered compounds: HPLC-MS and 1H-NMR (400MHz) spectra.
  • Delivery of compounds as per customer needs and on a regular basis – weekly or bi-weekly for example
  • Amount delivered ranging from 5 mg to 100 mg for the initial batch.
  • Packaging in any requested vial or plate.
  • Synthesis and SAR-data analysis reports on a regular basis.

Intellectual Property (IP) protection

Gain wider and stronger IP protection when submitting a patent application by expanding the chemical diversity of the exemplified compounds and by covering the chemical space around your scaffold. Novelty assessment is performed for any new scaffold proposed by Enantia to ensure a strong IP position is attained.