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Enantia’s support activities include:

Scale-up activities

  • Multigram synthesis of key compounds such as lead/candidate compounds, reference compounds, non-commercial intermediates, key building-blocks, among others.
  • Evolution of the medicinal chemistry route into a scalable route suitable for delivering larger amounts.

Study and synthesis of impurities and metabolites

  • Study of impurity profile: Isolation and identification of impurities from scale-up batches or degradation studies. De novo synthesis of impurities to confirm chemical structure. Resupply of impurities as QC standards.
  • Metabolites: Analysis of possible metabolic sites based upon chemical structure. Isolation and identification of metabolites from in-vivo samples. De novo synthesis of metabolites to confirm chemical structure.

Synthesis of cold labelled compounds

Preparation of molecules containing stable isotopes (single to multi-labelled), including deuterated compounds as a strategy to improve pharmacokinetic profile. Exhaustive analysis of synthetic routes and labelled starting materials to design the best route to effectively introduce the required isotopes in the desired positions. Design of positions to be labelled on a case-by-case basis.

Preliminary salt and polymorph screening

The choice of the right solid form of a candidate compound is key to the success of the project. An initial assessment of possible salts and polymorphism is usually carried out at drug discovery stage before performing a full screening study.