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Chirality made easy

Life is chiral, and so are many molecules of interest. Chirality is a complex issue, and it requires expertise. Contact us to find out how we can help!

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Since its foundation, Enantia has been focused in the development of challenging synthetic organic chemistry projects. Especially those where asymmetric synthesis has to be applied to reach the final target molecules containing several chiral centres with specific optical configurations and the highest purities. During all these years we have developed extensive experience in delivering enantiopure compounds, moreover, being our chiral expertise widely recognised, we are also equally capable working with achiral compounds and all kind of synthetic chemistry challenges.


Chiral synthesis

Our expertise includes exploring enantioselective reactions, chiral auxiliaries and fragments from the chiral pool. Our services in chiral chemistry include, among others:

  • Non-natural amino acid synthesis
  • Epoxidations and dihydroxylations of olefins and their further transformations
  • Hydrogenations (with hydrogen gas or hydrogen transfer)
  • Alkylation and arylation of aldehydes
  • Carbonyl reductions
  • Reductive aminations


Chiral separation

For our resolution services we employ two mains approaches to separate racemic mixtures into their corresponding pure enantiomers:

  • Diastereomeric crystallisation. When more scalable and efficient resolution processes are required for larger scale, crystallization is the technique of choice, even when your compound cannot form salts. Enantia’s expertise in crystallization development has helped many clients obtain scalable diastereomeric crystallization processes through salt and cocrystal formation, that are currently used at industrial scale.
  • Chiral HPLC separation. Working at both analytical and semi-preparative scale, we are comfortable in separating difficult racemic mixtures using a large variety of chiral stationary phases and eluting conditions.