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Making good drug candidates

Delivering value through the synthesis of focused libraries of challenging molecules

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Enantia’s medicinal chemistry platform has a solid background in the design and synthesis of small molecules as ligands for a broad range of therapeutic targets, including GPCRs, enzymes, kinases, ion channels, and nuclear receptors among others. Combining our MedChem team with state-of-the-art facilities, we can contribute to different stages of a drug discovery program:

Our expertise:

  • We love chirality: the introduction of chiral centres is a successful strategy for improving properties such as selectivity and solubility by escaping from planarity. At Enantia, we are not afraid of chiral compounds. Our expertise in chiral synthesis, purification and analysis is key in delivering compounds bearing chiral centres in their enantiomerically pure form.
  • We love chemistry: we have broad experience in handling any type of chemistry including MedChem essentials such as heterocyclic chemistry, cross-coupling reactions, functional group derivatisation, and protecting groups as well as specialised chemistry such as organometallics or photochemistry.

Our team:

  • Balanced group of highly skilled synthetic organic chemists from academia combined with experienced medicinal chemists coming from the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Dynamic and adaptative to the always changing scenarios of a MedChem program.
  • Creative, pragmatic and rigorous to solve any chemistry challenge.
  • Motivated, tenacious and highly productive to comply with your project demands.

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