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We work with a culture to create a flexible and productive environment. If you’d like to join our growing family, get in touch.

In Enantia we always take into account the following working principles:

  • Quality: scientific and management quality based on ISO 9001 principles. We understand quality as to fully respond to your needs, in time and under the terms agreed.
  • Confidentiality: at Enantia all work is carried out under the strictest confidentiality. We pride ourselves in building confidence out of confidentiality.
  • Professionality: every request for proposal is submitted to a free pre-evaluation and is accepted only on the basis of a realistic probability of success.
  • Flexibility: as a small organisation, this is our great competitive advantage.
  • Client’s priority: we listen and endeavour to understand, anticipate and adapt to your needs at each stage of the project.
  • Communication policy: communication is a cornerstone for the success of a project. Open and clear communication is key between the project managers and your company.
  • Health, safety and environment: processes are developed and implemented to maximise security of both workers and equipment, and to minimise environmental impact. Safer and more environmentally friendly processes are always, in the long run, more competitive.


ISO-9001 Certificate