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Offering new chiral ligands

MaxPHOS: A novel P-chiral bidentate rhodium complex

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Enantioselective reductions are a key step in a variety of synthetic routes both during the discovery and production phases.

Asymmetric catalysis can be an attractive option but faces some critical considerations for competitive application at commercial scale such as catalyst availability, ease of implementation, access to technology and, very important, cost. Asymmetric catalysis must be competitive against other methods to produce a chiral molecule.

In collaboration with an academic group, Enantia has developed a new chiral ligand that overcomes the limitations of many in its category. 

The MaxPHOS-Rhodium complex is a catalyst which has found commercial application in enantioselective hydrogenation reactions, particularly for the synthesis of enantiomerically pure amino acids.

Important features of Rh-MaxPHOS

  • Excellent yield and 99.9% ee on selected substrates
  • Low catalyst loading (high TON)
  • Remarkable air stability
  • Affordable
  • Both enantiomers readily available

We are currently exploring Rh-MaxPHOS performance on a diverse range of substrates and its applications in the synthesis of APIs and high value intermediates. Free samples of either enantiomer of MaxPHOS ligand and their corresponding metal complexes are available upon request.