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Finding your solid form

With years of experience in our hands, we can help you find the solid form that you are looking for

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One of the aims of a solid form screen is to find the optimal solid form with the ideal characteristics for development of a given substance. The choice of the form for development is usually a fine balance between physical, chemical, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical properties. Different screens can be performed at different points in the development process, depending on the information needed and the goal of the screen.

Enantia has its roots deep in solid forms screening. Techniques such as grinding, slurring, evaporation and crystallisation among others combined with our analytical capabilities allow us to identify new solid forms in an effective and exhaustive way. Enantia uses XRPD as a routine analytical technique during the screening stage. A complete solid form screening includes polymorph, amorphous, salt and cocrystal screening. Any of these studies can be undertaken separately or combined depending on our client interests.

Amorphous forms: The use of a variety of techniques allowing the formation of amorphous solids such as solvent evaporation, freeze drying, desolvation, melt quenching, grinding and fast precipitation.

Polymorph screening: identification of new polymorphs, solvates or hydrates is possible applying the adequate techniques to favour the appearance of stable and metastable forms.

Salt and cocrystal screening: Both our salt and cocrystal programs are based around two key factors: Strategically planned experiments, and the application of internal knowhow. These factors allow us to tackle the more ambitious projects with speed and confidence. During a cocrystal screen, special attention is paid to the solid state. The presence of a conformer or the use specific procedures of a cocrystal screen can favour the formation of new polymorphs even for compounds which have previously been studies in depth by the rest of the scientific community.

In all of the aforementioned options, preliminary characterisation of the newly found forms is usually performed to allow us to select the most promising one for the development phase. The properties measured at this stage might are project-dependent and rely on the final objective of the screen. Some of the most usual measured properties are solubility, chemical and crystalline stability under accelerated ICH conditions and hydroscopicity.